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Monday, May 01, 2006

ESRI's ArcSketch

ArcSketch,a complimentary sample extension for ArcGIS 9.1, is now available for download.

With ArcSketch, you can create features in ArcMap using simple sketch tools. ArcSketch automatically manages the drawing environment, allowing you to conceptualize what to draw, as opposed to how to draw it. You simply select a symbol and an associated sketch tool, then draw the feature. These features are added to a transparent sketch layer, which is displayed over a set of background layers.

You can create GIS features by sketching any combination of points, lines, and polygons on this sketch layer. ArcSketch automatically assigns features to their appropriate layers, with their appropriate attributes, based on the user-customizable symbol palette.

ArcSketch gives you the freedom to do vector-based (geobased) sketching using easy-to-use drawing tools and symbols. You can create and edit features in ArcGIS in much the same way you would if you were using a felt-tip pen on tracing paper. This allows you to concentrate on the forms you are trying to represent, rather than the method of representation.