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Monday, June 12, 2006

Brevard County, Florida Awards Accela $2.6 Million Contract for New Enterprise E-Government Solution
Accela Press Release

Accela, Inc. ,the leading provider of government enterprise management software solutions, announced today that Brevard County, Florida has selected Accela Automation® to be implemented as the county’s new enterprise permit and land management solution. The solution will be utilized across several internal agencies to positively respond to the county’s core requirements for permitting, planning, zoning, and code enforcement, as well as to provide its citizens with expanded services and accessibility.

Brevard County is transitioning from a mainframe application to a more effective and efficient Web-based relational database environment. County agencies that will utilize Accela solutions include land development, transportation engineering, road and bridge, water resources, building, and others. Accela products and services will improve internal service and accountability as well as provide better customer service through technology.

Accela Press Release