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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

GeoAge to Provide Rapid Assessment / Mapping Solution for West Virginia Division of Forestry

West Virginia’s Division of Forestry has awarded a competitive bid contract to GeoAge for its FAST™ rapid data collection, instant reporting and mapping system. GeoAge’s FAST (Field Adapted Survey Toolkit) solution will enable the DOF to make more accurate and timely assessments for fire protection.

GeoAge will provide a complete solution, which includes FAST PDA, FAST Designer and Desktop Collector as well as Juniper Systems’ Archer handheld computers. GeoAge’s state-of-the-art solution supports West Virginia’s Firewise Program and its efforts to better assess fire danger and identify fire prevention resources. “For overall value and performance, we needed speed and the ability to capture larger amounts of data, then visualize and respond quickly to that data,” noted Rodger Ozburn, Forestry Specialist and State Firewise Coordinator. “We anticipate field data collection time savings of 30% or more with our GeoAge solution.”

West Virginia’s DOF assists communities in the wildland-urban interface by increasing awareness of fire potential and providing homeowners the information needed to lessen their wildfire risk.

“We’re proud to team with West Virginia to deliver a data collection and mapping solution that leads U.S. states in fire protection assessments,” said Jeff Arnold, president of GeoAge.

West Virginia’s Division of Forestry provides fire protection for both state and private lands, as well as environmental research and forestry management throughout the state. In the Firewise West Virginia project area, they are responsible for collecting assessment information and risk data, now via GeoAge’s FAST solution. Data, GPS and location information and digital photos can be captured and uploaded in real time via wireless services, then reports and maps produced within minutes.

“Previously, our field teams used paper and pencil to gather data, then later entered that data into spreadsheets,” noted Mr. Ozburn. “Now GeoAge’s high performance solution delivers field data, location-specific information as well as digital images in real time across the state Firewise project area. We have a much improved grasp of potential fire danger than ever before.”

Implementation of the GeoAge system has already begun, with full implementation slated for September 2007.

Don West, Director of Marketing
(904) 565-9855, don.west@geoage.com

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