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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

LABINS Releases the Geographic Profile Program

The State o Florida's LABINS (Land Boundary Information System) has recently posted a new application on their website which allows uses to obtain a "geographic profile" of a specified area.

Users can input any of the following criteria: County Name, Quad (Name or Number), City, Township/Range/Section, Street Address, or Latitude & Longitude.

The profile results identify the County, City, DEP Quads, USGS Quads, Water Management District, and State Plane Zones for the returned area.

Direct links to The National Map Viewer, Google Maps, DEP Quad Data (Digital Line Graphs, Digital Raster Graphics, Digital Orthographic Quarter-Quads, Digital Elevation Models), Certified Corner Records (CCR), and National Geodetic Survey (NGS) Data are included within the returned results.