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Thursday, September 13, 2007

GeoAge Fast Software Adds New Performance Capabilities

GeoAge, a leading supplier of mobile automation solutions, has released a new version of FAST™ (Field Adapted Survey Toolkit), a software program designed to rapidly capture field data and respond effectively with instant reporting and mapping. FAST 3.4 adds critical data export capabilities and performance upgrades designed to enable greater user flexibility in handling large projects.

FAST 3.4's ability to directly export data to KMZ and DXF meets the growing visualization needs of our clients,” said Jeff Arnold, president of GeoAge. “Coupled with its faster performance, FAST is better able to handle demanding data collection needs in research and business intelligence applications.”

Since its introduction in 2005, FAST has enabled unparalleled capability for mobile data collection. FAST software was designed for rapid deployment of “mobile digital forms” using Windows PDAs, laptop or tablet mobile computers. FAST also allows easy integration of GPS locations, photographs, videos and digital signatures with data records. Users can implement large-scale FAST data collection solutions over a nationwide area and be productive on the same day.

FAST 3.4’s main upgrades:
• Export FAST data to Google Earth KMZ and AutoCAD DXF formats
• Altitude data on GPS
• Enhanced record search capability
• Selectable FAST data import from XML / export to XML

FAST’s designer component allows existing forms to be customized or new forms to be quickly created. The form creation capability is excellent for rapid response and field data collection.

The prior release of FAST 3.3 (July 3, 2007) added direct data export to SQL servers as well as added power to import and merge existing data from Microsoft Access.

Complete product information is available at www.geoage.com.

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