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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

What's Your On-site Renewable Energy Potential?

Choose Renewables, LLC has recently added a Google Mashup feature, "MyWatts Estimator", to their website. The mapping application allows users to enter their home or business address to view their on-site wind and solar power potential. Your name or email address is not required.

For each specified address, the application provides and/or lists: Site Potential (Available Wind Power Resources, Available Solar Power Resources, Incentives for Wind, Incentives for Solar, and Current Electricity Rate Estimates), Energy Analysis for a Hypothetical Installation (Total Installed Cost, State Incentives, Federal Incentives, and Installed Cost After Incentives), and Equivalent Cost of Electricity.

In addition, a color coded national map lists each state's wind or solar incentives compared to other states.

Per their website, Choose Renewables focusses on four key action areas

- Conserve (Use less energy, the best source of renewable energy)
- Offset (Purchase the benefits of renewable energy from someone else)
- Generate (Produce your own renewable energy on-site)
- Invest (Support development of new renewable energy technologies)