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Thursday, November 01, 2007

CDC MarketFirst GeoAnalytics Allows Marketers to View and Analyze Data to Execute More Targeted Marketing Campaigns

CDC Software, a wholly owned subsidiary of CDC Corporation (NASDAQ: CHINA) and a provider of industry-specific enterprise software applications and business services, announced today the launch of CDC MarketFirst GeoAnalytics, a set of analytical tools that help marketers better understand their customers and prospects and achieve higher response rates from their e-marketing campaigns.

Developed in partnership with Linxoft Solutions, CDC MarketFirst GeoAnalytics uses a geographic information system (GIS) to display data from the CDC MarketFirst database on a map. This visual representation displays information geographically, making it easier to profile customers and prospects. It can visually answer questions related to location, proximity, conditions, trends, and patterns. Marketers can then use this data to plan more effective campaigns in CDC MarketFirst and target them to segments they want to reach.

CDC MarketFirst GeoAnalytics leverages CDC MarketFirst data, enabling marketers to quickly realize the tangible benefits of visualization and spatial analysis of business activities by drilling down into source data on the interactive map. The patterns revealed from this visual analysis help lead marketers to increased cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.

CDC MarketFirst GeoAnalytics allows marketers to evaluate customers and prospects using a variety of demographic points, including: age, population, income, neighborhood, sites or properties, revenue, number of employees, and industry and then plot these data points on a virtual GIS map. CDC MarketFirst is then used to focus marketing campaigns on the regions that provide the biggest return.

"Our MarketFirst applications for multi-channel marketing automation are delivering significant, measured benefits for many household name companies," said Eric Musser, president and CEO of CDC Software. "Using MarketFirst GeoAnalytics, our customers will be able to answer all sorts of difficult questions as they are now able to visualize the geographical implications of their campaigns. Intuitively they can see where to hold seminars, where to place reps, and how different regions are responding to different offers. More importantly, when this ability is coupled with MarketFirst’s multi-platform segmentation across web tracks, email responses, and profiles, marketers can personalize their message at a whole new level."

About CDC MarketFirst

CDC MarketFirst is an adaptive marketing automation and lead management solution that enables marketers to manage even the most complex, multi-channel marketing campaigns. Using CDC MarketFirst, companies such as Sharp Electronics Manufacturing Corporation of America, CareerBuilder LLC, Softrax Corporation, ICM Computer Group Ltd. and Enterprise Florida, can utilize the visual campaign designer feature to create email/web page streams, profile customers and prospects, target each with a highly personalized and relevant message, deliver the message at the right time via the right channel, and ensure consistent and effective follow-up. CDC MarketFirst can help marketers achieve higher response rates and better lead quality with perpetually running, precisely targeted campaigns based on data captured at every point of interaction. It can also help increase lead quality and retention rates with fewer resources, improving return-on-investment (ROI). For more information on CDC MarketFirst, visit www.marketfirst.com.

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