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Monday, November 26, 2007

GeoAge to Provide Sharp with Mobile Business Automation Soultion

Nationwide Wireless Solution Enables Instant Field Data Analysis

GeoAge, a leading developer of mobile business automation and technology solutions, has announced a contract to provide Sharp Electronics Corporation with a mobile data solution that will streamline the data-gathering process, while enabling Sharp’s nationwide field marketing managers to relay real-time retail information to Sharp headquarters.

GeoAge will provide Sharp with FAST (Field Adapted Survey Toolkit) software, customdesigned data collection forms, Hewlett-Packard iPAQ PDAs and wireless data service through AT&T for Sharp’s field marketing managers. GeoAge will also deliver implementation, training and technical services for this project.

FAST wirelessly downloads data collection forms nationwide from Sharp headquarters to Sharp’s field marketing managers’ PDAs, enabling field marketing managers to conduct in-store surveys and instantly upload data via wireless back to Sharp headquarters. As a result, nationwide retailer data on Sharp Electronics products will be available for review and analysis immediately after it is collected.

FAST from GeoAge is a tremendous competitive advantage for Sharp Electronics,” said Steve Faulkner, Sharp’s director of field marketing. “Market intelligence is crucial to competing in today’s ever-changing marketplace. With FAST, we are collecting more data, in greater depth, in less time, and using that information to our advantage faster, responding to market changes quickly and efficiently.”

In addition to capturing and transmitting data in real-time, Sharp’s field marketing managers will also be able to use many of FAST’s other capabilities – attaching digital photos and videos, signatures and GPS locations to specific data records -providing comprehensive retail information.

“Because of its real-time abilities and powerful data capture capabilities, “FAST meets today’s mobile business challenges,” said Jeff Arnold, president of GeoAge. “We’re proud to forge a relationship with Sharp Electronics Corp. and look forward to growing our relationship in the future.”

FAST (Field Adapted Survey Toolkit) is a trademark of GeoAge, Inc.

Press Release - GeoAge, Inc.