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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Arbitron Data to Fuel Geoscape Media Target Online System

Geoscape International announced today that the latest edition of its online Intelligence System includes radio ratings data supplied by Arbitron.

The Geoscape Intelligence System (GIS) offers signal coverage contours overlaid onto the most current and in-depth multicultural geo-demographic data for over 14,000 radio stations nationwide. Arbitron supplies ratings data on radio broadcast stations in nearly 300 metropolitan area markets. Never before has precise coverage and ratings data been so easily accessible. In-depth Hispanic and widely multicultural demographics, spending and consumer behavior data complement the media planning capabilities in the system.

"Our arrangement with Arbitron deepens our offering for media planners and advertisers via a compelling visualization and reporting system accessible from a web browser," states Cesar M. Melgoza, President of Geoscape International, Inc.

Geoscape is the creator of a revolutionary marketing and media analysis and visualization system known as "GIS" or the Geoscape Intelligence System. GIS features seven modules that provide quick and effective geo-demographic, retail, media, database mining and direct marketing capabilities. The data in GIS combine the geo-demographic data for six levels of geography - national, state, county, zip code and block group levels. GIS also provides the ability to profile retail trade areas, TV and radio stations, as well as newspapers according to their circulation by metro and micro geographic area. Additionally, GIS enables database marketers to upload and enrich customer files with EthniCodes(TM), DemoCodes(TM) and MarketCodes(TM)- essential to understanding and serving today's culturally diverse marketplace. The List Gateway in GIS provides access to about 95 percent of American households and businesses via updated and enhanced direct marketing lists.

The Media Target/Radio module within GIS provides overall market rank of each radio station in terms of both its ordinal rank and audience share (percentage) for the whole day (6:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m.) for the stations that Arbitron reports. These data points are provided along with geo-demographic maps and population and household reports showing the listening area contour by zip code for visualization, presentation and analysis -- thousands of demographic and economic data points can be visualized quickly with a normal web browser. Media Target also features similar data for Television and Newspaper, with data from Nielsen Media Research and the Audit Bureau of Circulation (ABC), respectively.

"Arbitron's radio audience estimates will enhance the value of the Geoscape Intelligence System, allowing marketers to create a rich profile of the audience delivered by radio, as well as other ad-supported media," said Alisa Joseph, Vice President, Advertiser Marketing Services, Arbitron, Inc. "By using GIS to better understand today's culturally diverse marketplace, marketers will undoubtedly create more successful programs and realize better ROI for their advertising investment."

The Geoscape Intelligence System, including the newly added Arbitron radio audience data, is available by subscription by contacting Geoscape. A sample of the GIS Media Target/Radio data can be viewed at http://www.geoscape.com/MediaTarget/Radio.pdf.

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