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Sunday, January 13, 2008

CEA To Showcase “Where-to-Find” and “Where-to-Recycle” Green Electronics Products

Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) and Channel Intelligence, Inc. (CI) collaborate for new “green” initiative to provide consumers with green electronics. MyGreenElectronics.org will showcase products recommended by EnergyStar and EPEAT by utilizing CI’s SellPath® StoreFront.

MyGreenElectronics.org is about making smarter, more environmentally friendly choices by purchasing green electronics. With the importance of accurate green product information, we’re pleased to partner with Channel Intelligence to help consumers on MyGreenElectronics.org find electronics and accessories that use less energy and are safer for the environment including products which are EPEAT and ENERGY STAR certified,” said Kristina Taylor, CEA Manager of Environmental & State Policy Communications.

MyGreenElectronics.org offers consumers options about where and how to recycle old electronics, as well as which products are the most green-friendly. SellPath® StoreFront, which uses rich media to create a promotional microsite or a branded store-within-a-store at a retailer’s point-of-sale, will showcase those green-friendly electronics for CEA.

“Leveraging Channel Intelligence’s rich product content attributes working with key certification agencies such as the Green Electronics Council will dramatically increase the scalability of this important web site with fewer resources while providing greater functionality and value. Including local recycling centers and dynamic map results we expect these “where-to-recycle” features to be harnessed by the consumer electronics industry and ultimately reduce potential adverse environmental impacts,” Shailesh Adhav, CI Vice President EMEA and Enterprise Sales.

Channel Intelligence has long been part of the CE industry, with many high profile retailer and manufacturer clients. CEA represents the Consumer Electronics industry as a whole; as such we are honored to be chosen to enable CEA members to publish dynamic information on environmentally safe products on MyGreenElectronics.org through Channel Intelligence’s Sell Path® product line. “MyGreenElectronics.org is honored to support this initiative to make green products easier to find and to purchase,” Vik Murty, CI Vice President of SellPath.

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