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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

GIS and the Economics of Football Recruiting

I was recently forwarded an article from Sports Illustrated (SI.com) that detailed the efforts of a few economists / college football enthusiasts (Mike DuMond, Allen Lynch, & Jennifer Platania) to predict which university a high school football recruit was most likely to attend based upon his list of top university choices.

Like all life altering choices, GIS was used in the analysis process. After nearly two years of develop time, the "College Football Recruiting Prediction Model" is now complete.

Juan Del Valle, a Business Geography graduate from the University of Florida used GIS to assist in the model development by determining the distances between a recruit's hometown and potential university campuses.

The results proved that high school recruits whom live in the South and the Midwest are more likely to attend a university close to home, while recruits in the West and the Northeast are more willing to sign with a college football team that is further away from home.