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Friday, February 22, 2008

Florida Department Of Revenue Provides Public Access to Assessment Roll & GIS Data

Per a Florida Department Of Revenue (DOR) Property Tax Informational Bulletin (PTO 07-18) issued by James McAdams, Director the Property Tax Oversight Program:

"Effective immediately, the Department of Revenue will provide public access to assessment roll and GIS map data from all 67 Florida counties to anyone who wishes to access the information. The Governor’s Executive Order 07-01 created the Office of Open Government and requires each executive agency to assure full and expeditious compliance with Florida’s open government and public records laws."

The data was available previously for a very reasonable amount at the cost of reproduction, however the DOR will now post the data to an FTP Site for the public to access.

Additional publications available from the Department of Revenue's Property Tax Oversight Program include:

The 2007 County GIS/Mapping Data and Personnel Directory

The 2008 DOR Aerial Photography Schedule