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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Blue Dasher Technologies Street-level Imaging Solution To Aid Recruitment Of Businesses To Miami-Dade County

Blue Dasher Technologies today announced that The Beacon Council, Miami-Dade’s official economic development organization, has selected Blue Dasher’s 360-degree street-level imaging technology to assist companies considering relocation and expansion in the region. The Beacon Council is the first U.S. economic development agency to integrate this new street-level imaging technology into its website.

Using the Blue Dasher Technologies solution, businesses evaluating locations in the region will be able to see not just maps but to also easily explore sites and surrounding neighborhoods using high-density 360-degree street-level images that exactly correspond to addresses on all public streets throughout the county.

“By adding street-level images to our site, companies outside of Miami are able to conduct initial inspection of potential sites and surrounding areas from the convenience of their offices,” said Frank Nero, President and CEO of The Beacon Council. “The value of this technology is especially important for our many international prospects.”

“We selected Blue Dasher because it was the best tool for the business people that we’re working with,” he continued. “The images are more detailed, the addresses are exact, it’s easier to use, and it’s comprehensive,. For the companies we work with, this means saving time and money when they’re evaluating a region and comparing competing proposals.”

The Beacon Council is one of 23 economic development organizations in North America accredited by the International Economic Development Council, for its excellence in local economic development standards and efforts. Since its creation in 1986, The Beacon Council has assisted close to 700 companies, helped create over 50,000 direct jobs and attracted more than $2.3 billion of new capital investment to Miami-Dade County.

“We designed our solution from the ground up to offer high-density imaging, exact address assignments, comprehensive coverage, full customization, and easy integration,” commented Michael Reidbord, CEO of Blue Dasher Technologies. “The Beacon Council is a perfect example of an organization that draws on all of these factors to increase their success rate in attracting businesses to the region.”

Founded in 2007, Blue Dasher Technologies draws on more than 20 years of work in the GIS and real estate industries. Previous companies founded by Blue Dasher principals built GIS solutions for the oil and gas industry, and state and local governments, including the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, Los Alamos National Laboratory, and the states of Louisiana and Florida.

Blue Dasher’s image-capture vehicles record one picture every 10 feet, resulting in high-density photography that gives viewers unparalleled accuracy. Unlike other approaches, when viewed online the 360-degree images from Blue Dasher Technologies are seamless, creating an experience similar to driving down the street.

The new application, which The Beacon Council plans to integrate into its site this summer, will allow searches by street address to view the buildings and properties under consideration. The Beacon Council website caters to local, national and international key business decision-makers, site selectors and the general public.

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