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Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Palm Beach County To Rescind

As of approximately 5:10pm this evening, the Palm Beach County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) voted to rescind (remove) both Resolution 98-520 and PPM CW-R-007 which contained their GIS Information Policy associated royalty fee structure required as payment to obtain the right to redistribute their GIS Data. I questioned them on the timeline and it is suppose to take effect immediately.........meaning anyone should be able to obtain the GIS Parcel Shapefile data at the cost of reproduction regardless of if you plan on using it for personal use or commercial use/redistributing it.

I also questioned them on the timeline as far as when then planned on attempting to have GIS data removed from Florida’s Public Records Laws. They stated during the March 2004 Florida Legislative Session.

I contacted the Florida Association of Counties (FAC) as well with regards to Palm Beach County's intent on bringing this issue up at the FAC Legislative Conference this week (November 19-21 in Palm Beach Gardens). An FAC representative stated that all issues have to be brought up by the end of September and this was not currently an issue that he was aware of. Keep an eye on the March 2004 Florida Legislative Session and write your senator now! Contact Your Senator by District Map