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Friday, May 12, 2006

Geographic Translator (GEOTRANS) - Revised Version 2.3

2.3 Geographic Translator (GEOTRANS) , is a tool that allows you to convert geographic coordinates among a wide variety of coordinate systems, map projections, grids, and datums.

GEOTRANS can be used to efficiently convert large numbers of coordinates contained in text files. The file format is very simple. A multiline file header defines the coordinate system or map projection, and datum, of the coordinates contained in the file. Following the header, each line contains a single set of coordinates, separated by commas. Using the GEOTRANS file processing interface, you can select an existing file of coordinates to be converted, define the coordinate system or map projection, and the datum, to which you want to convert the coordinates, and specify the name and location of the output file that is to be created. GEOTRANS then converts the input file and creates the output file as a single operation.