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Monday, May 22, 2006

Syngenta’s Syntinel RustTracker

The Syntinel RustTracker forms a complete soybean rust decision support system using live GIS mapping tools, Syngenta spore trap data, crop monitoring and forecasting tools.

Agribusiness: Garst agronomists receive hands-on ASR training The agronomists also trained on some of the latest disease tracking and monitoring technologies, including Syngenta’s Syntinel RustTracker — an award-winning Geo-reference Information System (GIS) that combines spore location information gathered from spore traps and sentinel plots with AccuWeather.com weather data to create a series of maps that help agronomists identify the most likely areas for soybean rust outbreaks.

During their training at the Vero Beach facility, the Garst agronomists performed classroom work to study the early symptoms of Asian soybean rust. This disease can be easily confused and misidentified with other common soybean diseases, such as bacterial pustule, bacterial blight and brown spot