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Monday, July 10, 2006

Adeso Technologies Releases Revolutionary Mapping Software to Transform Online Ticket-Buying

Adeso Technologies today announced the release of VisualBoxOffice(TM), revolutionary mapping software that transforms the way consumers buy online tickets. The software uses interactive 3D maps that simultaneously show ticket-buyers the location and price of available seats and a section view, and allows them to buy tickets on the same screen.

The patent-pending program is currently in use at Tickets3D.com and 1800buytickets.com.

"VisualBoxOffice(TM) puts consumers in the driver's seat," said Valeno Valentino, CEO of Adeso Technologies. "They can see where they want to go and -- click -- buy their tickets. Simple."

"It's faster, easier and more exciting than anything out there today," Valentino added, citing that current technology forces consumers to move back and forth between price charts and static, hard-to-read maps that give little clue as to seat location or availability.

The average time to buy tickets with VisualBoxOffice(TM) (VBO) is approximately 45-60 seconds. With current technology, consumers can spend up to eight minutes on the same purchase. VBO also allows consumers to easily compare prices and seats; and to see the view from certain sections on selected maps.

"Most importantly, VBO lets consumers buy with more confidence," Valentino said.

Adeso's map library already includes a wide range of the most popular U.S. venues, such as Staples Center, Madison Square Garden, Dodgers Stadium, Caesars Palace (Las Vegas), Bank Atlantic Center (Florida), Radio City Music Hall, HP Pavilion (San Jose), Angels Stadium, and many college venues. Adeso plans to complete the remaining maps for all major U.S. venues by the end of 2006, with international venues to follow.

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