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Friday, August 18, 2006

GEOCommand, Inc. Announces Purchase of Bizcom U.S.A., Inc. d/b/a CX2 Technologies Wireless Data Equipment for a Demonstration Pilot Program

GEOCommand, Inc. announces purchase of wireless data communications equipment from Bizcom U.S.A., Inc. d/b/a CX2 Technologies. The purchase consists of Bizcom/CX2 digital base station technology and mobile data modems with GIS capability. The technology operates in the 220-222 MHz frequency band.

The Company intends to integrate its marquee product, GEOCommand(TM) first responder software, with the Bizcom/CX2 wireless data communications system. The Company further intends to demonstrate the benefits of such integration in a pilot program in Miami, Florida. The planned deployment will take certain sensor data, i.e.: weather, biohazard, etc. from field installations, and transmit the data through the Bizcom/CX2 wireless data delivery system to add near real-time information to the GEOCommand software installed in first responder vehicles. Data transmission will also include Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) information pertaining to the response vehicles thus facilitating a coordinated incident response

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