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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Adding Wetlands WMS Data Layers to ESRI’s ArcGIS

Connecting to the Wetlands Mapper WMS

1.) Launch ArcCatalog.

2.) Under the “GIS Servers” directory in the explorer window on the left, double click on “Add WMS Server” to open the Add WMS Server dialog box.

3.) For URL enter “http://wetlandswms.er.usgs.gov/wmsconnector/com.esri.wms.Esrimap?ServiceName=X&”, with the X being one of the available services:

4.) Click on the “Get Layers” button to view the service and layer information.

5.) Click on the “OK” button to add the connection and view it in ArcCatalog. You will see the connection show up under “GIS Servers”

6.) This WMS connection will now also be available in ArcMap under “GIS Servers” after you select “add data”.

Please note it is best if you load a base reference layer to help you get oriented with the Wetlands data. Also please note the visible scales for each layer in the service information page.

US Fish & Wildlife Service