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Monday, August 27, 2007

Clearwater Unveils GIS Services for Residents to Use

The City of Clearwater’s Interactive GIS, or Geographic Information System, is a mapping software application that allows residents to find statistics on crime, traffic accidents, building permits, garbage collection schedules, zoning information, and city limits. The application, which can be accessed via the City’s website www.MyClearwater.com, not only displays maps of data, but can provide tabular output in spreadsheet format for further analysis.

The versatile application allows Internet visitors to access several types of detailed information. Users can locate properties, view code violations, track permits and view crime data. GIS maps can zoom into individual parcels within city limits. Interactive GIS is just another way residents can stay up-to-date on what’s happening in and around their neighborhoods. Users can export information they are looking for into a variety of electronic formats. A User Guide and list of frequently asked questions is also available online.

To use the Interactive GIS system, go to www.myclearwater.com/info/about/geography/index.asp. This also is accessible by visiting www.MyClearwater.com and clicking on “City Services.” In the second column and under the “Other Services” heading, viewers can click on “Maps/Geography/GIS Mapping” to access the GIS features.

The Interactive GIS has been featured in presentations at several national user conferences and has also been recognized as an innovative information access application by ESRI (Environmental Systems Research Institute), one of the world’s largest GIS software companies.

Clearwater’s Information Technology Director, Dan Mayer, says, “This is just one of the ways we have improved the dissemination of information to citizens. The City’s technology department takes a great deal of pride in producing cost effective software services that we couldn’t normally offer due to cost constraints. Ultimately we strive to provide residents with greater convenience for the tax dollars they spend,” Mayer said.

The program was designed and built in-house, saving taxpayers thousands in software and programming costs. Other website features, such as streaming video and a text search document retrieval system, are already available at www.MyClearwater.com. For more information, call (727) 562-4662.

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