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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

FSUTMS to Launch Online GIS Application

FSUTMS Online (Florida Standard Urban Transportation Model Structure) is gearing up to launch an online GIS application to assist the Florida Model Task Force in evaluating and improving transportation modeling. Preliminary information states that the GIS application will allow users to access and extract network and socioeconomic data within their specified modeling areas.

Per their website: "The Florida Model Task Force (MTF) establishes policy directions and procedural guidelines for transportation modeling in Florida. Voting members of the MTF consist of representatives from twenty-six MPOs, eight FDOT districts, and one representative for each of the following: Florida transit agencies, four FSUTMS user's groups, the Federal Highway Administration, the Florida Department of Community Affairs, and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. In addition to these voting members, transportation professionals throughout the state of Florida participate in MTF discussions and technical committee activities as non-voting members."

The GIS Committee of the Florida Model Task Force "supports research and development of GIS data, software, and applications that facilitate or improve the modeling process, reviews GIS technological advancements to identify potential solutions for improving existing GIS tools within the modeling community, disseminates information on recent GIS developments to the modeling community, recommends improvements to existing or upcoming GIS technologies to meet the modeling community needs, promotes training in and sharing of GIS resources and innovations among the modeling community members, and works cooperatively with national, state and local organizations to ensure the GIS technology is applied at its best within the modeling community."