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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

New Release of ESRI ArcGIS Explorer Now Available

ESRI has just announced that the newest version of ArcGIS Explorer (Build 410) has been released.

Per the ArcGIS Explorer Blog, "If the ESRI servers are your ArcGIS Explorer default servers, the next time you start Explorer you'll be seeing a message letting you know that a newer version is available. Just follow the instructions, and in a few minutes you'll be running Build 410."

"We think this latest release has some very nice additions and enhancements. The What's New document explains what these are, and we'll be highlighting many of these in future blog posts."

"At the top of our list are some enhancements and new capabilities for Results and a newly redesigned Resource Center. But there's a lot of things in Build 410, so please review the document, and check them out."