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Thursday, August 16, 2007

New Technology Brings Micro-targeting to Main Street

Sewell Consultancy introduced today a revolutionary product designed to help campaigns of all sizes 'do more with less.' VICTOR, the Voter Identification Campaign Targeting Outreach Resource, maximizes efficiency and effectiveness by defining victory through a comprehensive set of micro- targeting campaign tools that combine the most up-to-date voter data, specific polling and research information with the ability to track campaign progress. VICTOR's resources define victory, save campaigns money, and allow candidates to uphold their promises to curb wasteful spending even before they're elected to office.

VICTOR's specialized targeting and analysis merges campaign data from voter files with election results and supplemental information to give campaigns a high definition picture of every voter and every precinct within their electorate. By matching demographics and polling research with individual voters, precincts, media markets, and census data, VICTOR's targeting and outreach capabilities enable candidates to reach the right voters with the right message whether by mail, phone, e-mail, ground, television or radio.

VICTOR's secure web-based technology also includes available GIS mapping components.

VICTOR not only helps target individual voters, but also enables campaigns to track voter impact and whether or not individual voters are supportive, persuadable, or issue driven. VICTOR's tracking ability provides campaigns with real-time progress reports, coupled with the ability to know which voters have voted absentee or at the polls, allowing campaigns to react appropriately.

VICTOR also helps campaigns stay on budget with finance applications designed to target potential donors, track donor activity, and file campaign finance reports.

VICTOR's focused data driven systematic approach revolutionizes voter impact.

"VICTOR provides campaigns with all the data and tools necessary to achieve ballot box success," stated Jeffrey Sewell, founder of the Sewell Consultancy. "The Sewell Consultancy's motto is 'do more with less.'

VICTOR enables campaigns to do just that. Too often campaigns make decisions which benefit the consultant not the candidate. VICTOR puts the candidate first and is dedicated to making the good ol' boy network of consultant lick-backs obsolete through effective user-friendly technology and applicable voter data."

VICTOR is a registered product of the Sewell Consultancy. Sewell Consultancy is a political IT consulting firm dedicated to helping clients 'do more with less.'

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