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Monday, September 10, 2007

2008 NSDI CAP Grants

The planned schedule and categories for the 2008 NSDI Cooperative Agreements Program (CAP) Grants have been updated as of September 4th, 2007 on The Federal Geographic Data Committee's (FGDC) web site.

An interactive map depicting the locations of the 2007 NSDI CAP Grants is also available.

In addition, FGDC has posted a link to the current participating agencies for the Geospatial Line of Business (LoB). If there was any doubt that GIS has been integrated into nearly every industry, this contact list should prove otherwise.

Per their website: "The Geospatial LoB aims to further refine the opportunities for optimizing and consolidating Federal geospatial-related investments to reduce the cost of government and, at the same time, improve services to citizens. Cross-agency coordination of geospatial activities can identify, consolidate, and reduce or eliminate redundant geospatial investments. Developing the Geospatial Line of Business (LOB) will result in a more coordinated approach to producing, maintaining, and using geospatial data, and will ensure sustainable participation from Federal partners to establish a collaborative model for geospatial-related activities and investments."

Also be sure to check out the Presidential Initiatives for the Geospatial Line of Business.