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Thursday, September 06, 2007

City Hall Web Site Will Help Destin Find Itself
By Fraser Sherman

To know where the nearest Destin bus stop is to your house?

The nearest public beach access?

The zoning around the property you’re thinking of buying?

That kind of information will be available on City Hall’s Web site, www.cityofdestin.com, within a couple of months, IT Manager Webb Warren said in an interview.

Warren said that with the help of Okaloosa County’s IT and Geographic Information Systems department, the city will make it possible for the public and city employees to access GIS data on cityofdestin.com. GIS software creates a computerized map that makes it possible to identify a property on the computer and call up a variety of information about the site.

“This will be an online tool that will help citizens, business and decisionmakers,” Warren said. “It will be rich with information.”

Accessing the information won’t require any software beyond an updated Internet browser, Warren said, and the Web site will have an online training manual to help users if they have questions.

Warren said it will be a couple of months before the system goes public because he wants to make sure everyone at City Hall is familiar with the software.

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