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Monday, September 24, 2007

Explorer for Public Works & Orlando Seminar Reminder

Video demonstrations have recently been added to ESRI's GIS for Public Works Seminar website.

Videos featuring ArcGIS Explorer and how it can be implemented within a public works context, include:

Operational Awareness - "Using a GIS-based approach for workforce management gives you access to real-time conditions such as weather that could impact your crew's ability to work."

Operational Awareness: Summary - "The Geographic Approach provides several key benefits to public works organizations.Decision makers can act quickly and confidently by relying on a system that stores, manages, and maintains accurate information spatially."

Operational Planning - "Reduce costs, improve service, and streamline your work processes by using the Geographic Approach."

Also please note that ESRI's "Public Works Seminar Series" will be held this Thursday (September 27th, 2007) from 9:00am - 2:45pm at the Crowne Plaza Hotel (Orlando Airport) in Orlando, FL.

"ESRI, Azteca / Cityworks Systems, and Topcon Positioning Systems, Inc., invite you to learn how Public Works agencies are increasing customer services through GIS, Asset Management, GPS, and Field Data Collection. See how integrating different technologies will streamline workflows, provide more current and accurate data, and increase customer service."