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Monday, September 24, 2007

Google Organizes the World's Information & Clarifies the Definition of Public Spaces on a Per Country Basis

It appears that camera shy members of our society have been more than a little upset lately about having their mug shot posted on Google Maps Street View for all the world to see.

So much so, that Google's Global Privacy Counsel has taken the liberty to post a clarification statement about "what privacy means in public spaces" on the LatLong Blog.

I wonder if the paranoia will ever get to the point where Google will be obliged to list (or even map out) their driving schedule, so everyone will know the exact time and location to not pick their nose on a given street corner? If the GPS coordinates of the SVICM (Street View Image Capturing Machine) were public knowledge, it could be either very beneficial, everyone smiling to show their pearly whites, or extremely detrimental, everyone showing Google where the sun doesn't shine......and it's not a KML file within the new Sky Feature on Google Earth.

I urge everyone to just keep smiling as the next generation of "big brother is watching" issues are just beginning to surface and there is no clear cut, worldwide public space policy in place.