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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Strategic Planning for Florida GIS Coordination Presented at CFGIS Workshop

During this past week's Central Florida GIS (CFGIS)Workshop "Breaking the Boundaries" held in Orlando, Richard Butgereit (GIS Administrator, FDEM), Louis Driber (Florida Geospatial Liaison, USGS), Ric Dugger (FSU's Florida Institute of Government), and Martin Roche (Fugro EarthData) presented Florida's "Strategic Planning for Statewide GIS Coordination".

Some of the goals mentioned within Florida's Statewide GIS Coordination plan include:

- "Providing state agencies, regional and local governments, universities, and private sector businesses a means through which they can plan geospatial data development."

- "Identifying partners for joint development projects, and seek support for funding."

- "Identifying cost-effective and efficient means to develop geospatial data layers and transferable methodologies for sharing across boundaries."

- "Integrating geospatial data into business plans and decision making at all levels of government and community planning."

- "Moving towards more accurate and better organized information infrastructures."

- "Creating educational environments that improve opportunities, knowledge, and access to progressive geospatial technologies and applications."

The schedule to implement the plan is as follows:

Project Kick Off: October 11th, 2007
Outreach Program (ongoing): March 20th, 2008
Data Collection: October 4th, 2007 - December 3rd, 2007
Data Summary Document: December 14th, 2007
First Plan Draft: January 31st, 2008
Second Plan Draft: February 15th, 2008
Final Draft: March 7th, 2008

The project is scheduled for completion in March of 2008.