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Thursday, October 04, 2007

GeoScopix Lists Additional Possibilities for the Gator Including Video Game Scene Enhancement

GeoScopix, Inc. announced today the latest-discovered manifold capabilities of the Gator, a University of Florida-patented, stereoscopic, GPS based, handheld digital geographic data manager.

Some of the markets for the Gator are disaster recovery, military surveillance, construction, first responders, police, crime scene investigation teams, insurance companies and others. Specific agencies that would find this technology especially useful include the Army Corps of Engineers, the Bureau of Land Management and the Department of Homeland Security / FEMA.

The patent for the Gator covers the combination of positional telemetry with a stereo camera, which is required to measure the distance and size of an object without bouncing laser or radar. The Gator gives the accurate location of the camera using GPS technology. By collecting several points of an object in the stereo image, the actual dimension and physical location of an object is be determined.

Furthermore, real image surface texture is applied to the objects to give them the "real" look and mapping programs. These objects may then be used for several applications such as adding them to Google Earth. They can also be used in real 3-D scenes for video games. Many industries could leverage this "Real 3-D" information, leading to increased Gator sales.

The Gator can also be used as a tool for estimators to give quick measurements where close approximations are required to determine costs and pricing of construction projects.

The "Gator" uses a state-of-the-art "stereo" camera system to take high-resolution photographs. The 3-D photos can then be used to map relevant details such as elevation, distance, height, width and location.

Gunther Than, President of Geoscopix, states, "Our market development team continues to come up with relevant, cutting-edge uses for this extraordinary tool. As the appropriate target market segments continue to increase, spanning from law enforcement to video game design, it clear to me that the Gator will be a popular item on several agencies' budget request lists once it becomes available later this year."

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