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Monday, October 22, 2007

Palm Beach Countywide GIS Forum Meeting - October 25th
By Heather Kostura

The next Palm Beach Countywide GIS Forum meeting is scheduled for October 25, 2007. The meeting will start at 10:00 am and is located at the Palm Beach County Vista Center on Jog Road. Please see our website www.gisforum.org for directions.

Our speaker will be Kelly Ratchinsky, Palm Beach County Countywide GIS Coordinator.

"Countywide Addressing Clean Up"
Kelly Ratchinsky, Palm Beach County ISS

Palm Beach County has been using both Situs Address points and Road Centerlines for E911 Emergency dispatch and as such it has become crucial to this effort to ensure the completeness and accuracy of these two GIS data sets. We began a countywide addressing clean up project in January of 2007 and it continues today. This presentation will cover the business rules and processes for this project as well as discuss some of the logistics involved in getting this project up and running.

Please join us if you can.