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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Realauction.com Announces National Partnership with Manatron, Inc.

Realauction.com took the spotlight at the annual Florida Tax Collectors Conference to announce its recently-signed strategic partnership with Manatron, Inc. The alliance between Realauction and Manatron will give tax collection officials the power of two companies known for exceptional software design and customer service.

Realauction is the fastest-growing technology company specializing in online auctions for government agencies. Its internet-based tax certificate auctions are welcomed by agency staff and bidders alike, with tax collectors affirming the cost savings and efficiencies achieved.

"Internet tax certificate auctions are quickly becoming the standard," said Craig McIntyre, Realauction Vice President of Business Development. "Use of today's technology increases the number of bids and sales, reduces costs for tax collection officials and saves taxpayers money. We look forward to sharing our expertise and world class customer service with Manatron-Realauction clients."

Realauction's extraordinary growth in the past few years has created the perfect opportunity to partner with a well-respected national company. Recognized as the leader in online tax certificate sales, Realauction is poised to offer its solutions to governments throughout the country.

During the past year, Realauction clients reported record numbers of bids, sales and revenues.

The partnership with Manatron will allow Realauction to offer online tax certificate sales as an integrated part of larger solutions for tax collection officials. "Our agreement with Manatron will expand our presence and provide a complete suite of services for our clients," said McIntyre.

Press Release - Realauction.com