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Monday, October 15, 2007

Seatec 2008 Host to Geospatial Technology for the Maritime Industry

In collaboration with the IEST (European Institute for Technological Development) and the CCIP (Institute for Cooperation and Incentives to Partnerships), SEATEC broadens its horizons with the project GIS MARE 2008, an event to promote geospatial technology (GIS - Geographical Information System) in the maritime industry. This is a topic of great interest worldwide which is fostered by an informative campaign both on a European and an international scale. GIS MARE 2008 will include a seminar and a training course on sea safety. The GIS Mare project, in line with the EU policy for Maritime Affairs, marks the beginning of a much wider strategy which will further increase the area for geospatial technology at Seatec in the future.

Seatec, the International Exhibition of technologies and subcontracting for boat and ship builders, due to take place from 7 to 9 February 2008 in Marina di Carrara, broadens its horizons. The new feature at the 6th year of Seatec is geospatial technology (GIS – Geographical Information System) applied to the maritime industry.

GIS MARE 2008 is the name of this new project at Seatec 2008 in response to the growing awareness of the fundamental role of the sea for the economic prosperity of Europe in terms of employment and wellbeing.

GIS MARE 2008 aims to promote the most advanced technology for navigation, safety at sea and marine areas and to create new professional profiles for the management of geospatial tools and data, in line with the maritime affairs policy of the European Commission to exploit the potential growth and employment in the maritime industry along the guidelines of sustainability.

The event is open to different categories of professionals, from naval engineers to boatyard managers, from international transport companies to retailers of equipment for the management of safety at sea and suppliers of satellite services as well as the national and international media. GIS MARE 2008 is organised in collaboration with the IEST (European Institute for technological development) with the support of the CCIP (Institute for cooperation and incentives to partnerships).

The project will be promoted extensively using various channels, from specialised magazines (GIS, sea for pleasure, the sea industry) to national and international portals for safety at sea, from a newsletter addressed to associations representing the sea and territorial information systems to circulars addressed to universities specialised in Naval Engineering, Territorial Information Systems and Marine Biology Research Centres as well as the proposition to the European Commission for inclusion in their official site.

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