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Monday, October 01, 2007

SunGard Interfaces OSSI Dispatch System with MultiVision USA Oblique Imagery

MultiVision USA today announced that SunGard HTE Inc. has developed a MultiVision 3D Plus interface for its OSSI Public Safety Suite computer-aided dispatch (CAD) software. The interface enables public safety dispatchers and emergency response personnel to view MultiVision oblique aerial photography on their OSSI CAD systems.

A leading provider of public safety software, SunGard offers solutions that help local governments connect their departments, staff, citizens, and businesses with critical information and services. The SunGard OSSI Public Safety Suite is a multi-jurisdictional communication system that provides real-time information to police, sheriffs, fire, rescue, and emergency medial services departments. The OSSI suite includes computer-aided dispatch functionality.

“The SunGard OSSI-MultiVision interface offers a new level of safety to emergency services personnel,” said MultiVision USA President Dave Ledgerwood. “Emergency dispatchers can view MultiVision oblique imagery onscreen to determine how to deploy and position first responders safely and effectively.”

The new SunGard OSSI interface allows the OSSI CAD, CAD Resource Monitor (CRM), and Mobile Communications Terminal (MCT) to pass coordinate information received during a 911 call to the MultiVision viewing application, which then processes and displays the appropriate oblique aerial imagery of the location onscreen. As a result, police and rescue crews working with laptops in their vehicles can easily find landmarks to help them reach an emergency scene more quickly — and can plan their positioning more efficiently in the case of fires, hostage situations, and other emergencies. The photography helps crews identify the locations of fire hydrants, entrances to the building, and terrain around the location.

Tom Hilton, QA Manager at SunGard said, “We’re pleased to add this interface to our OSSI software. By integrating MultiVision USA’s detailed 3D photography, we’re providing an integrated tool to the first responder that will allow them to better serve their community. MultiVision USA photography allows them to get a better feel for what the property is like, so they can make critical decisions more quickly and effectively. Now, dispatchers and responders alike can view this valuable information with a simple click of a button.”

The MultiVision 3D Plus solution was developed to enable users to fully exploit the unrivaled clarity and information content of MultiVision USA oblique imagery. Acquired with a proprietary aerial imaging system, MultiVision USA imagery offers a pixel resolution of 3+ inches, sufficient to identify and measure even the smallest building detail or infrastructure asset. The solution includes 3D modeling capabilities showing actual building facades, 3D flood inundation analyses, and integration of existing GIS layers.

The MultiVision 3D Plus and SunGard OSSI solutions are purchased separately.

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