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Monday, October 15, 2007

Thinking of Moving? See How Far your Salary Will go in Another City

One of the biggest factors in relocating is employment. What salary and cost of living can one expect in a new city, and how do those numbers compare to the buyer's current hometown? Now, thanks to a new partnership between SalaryExpert.com and leading real estate for sale by owner (FSBO) company, Fizber.com, those questions can be answered quickly -- and accurately.

That's because Fizber.com today rolled out its new Fizber.com Salary Calculator. Any prospective homebuyer can visit Fizber.com, browse or search through the site's nearly 300,000 FSBO listings, and, once they find their dream home, get a detailed salary report for their chosen job and ZIP code--all for free.

But Fizber.com visitors shouldn't mistake "free" for "no value." The Fizber.com Salary Calculator allows users to choose from hundreds of professions and metro areas; users can also enter ZIP codes to get salary details about any given neighborhood. The resulting report includes a sophisticated mix of information, including low, average and high annual salary; benefits and bonuses; and annual base salary and cost-of-living for that area compared to national averages. The report also clearly explains cost-of-living and provides a detailed job description along with sub-categories of a profession, to help users better compare their current salary to the salary they can expect in a new town.

"The new Fizber.com Salary Calculator uses conservative government estimates to provide homebuyers an accurate picture of the salary they can expect to receive in any given ZIP code," explained Julia Foster, Fizber.com PR manager. "We felt this was a valuable service to offer our clients, so we worked with SalaryExpert.com to make it happen."

From salary reports to climate reports and even crime statistics and education data, Fizber.com has been working hard to become a one-stop home shopping solution for buyers across the country. Every Fizber.com seller can include photos and a YouTube video tour with his or her listing for no extra charge; an exclusive FSBO seller's blog is included with every package as well.

"By giving sellers the ability to create robust listings through premium features and tools, Fizber.com makes it easier for buyers to get a clear picture of each home they view online," Foster explained. "We appreciate our buyers and sellers, and we want to help make their FSBO experiences positive. Our new Fizber.com Salary Calculator is one way of doing just that."

Press Release - Fizber.com