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Monday, October 22, 2007

Which Martin County Schools Can Your Child Attend? Find Out Online
By Kelly Tyko

There's a new, high-tech way for parents to check on which public schools their children could attend.

Using the Internet, residents can find their home's zoned schools by searching by address, owner name or the property's parcel identification number. Planned developments are included on the map so future residents moving into new subdivisions can see which schools their kids might attend.

The Martin County School Board saw a presentation Tuesday on how to use Martin County's interactive mapping service, which has included school attendance boundaries since late July.

Board members said they wanted to add a disclaimer to the service, explaining that the schools a home is zoned for today could change in the future. Because of the increasing pressures of the state-mandated class size reduction amendment, the board has had to change boundaries more frequently.

When the School Board approves boundary changes, the school district will work with the county's information technology department to update the mapping service, said Steve Weil, the district's executive director of educational technology. The county has been using the interactive mapping technology since 2001.


Besides finding school zones, there are many other uses for Martin County’s interactive mapping and geographic information system available online:

Locating voting precincts, commission districts, urban service districts and community redevelopment areas.

Finding the zoning and future land use of properties and public properties.

Finding a property’s owner, appraised value and other information from the Property Appraiser.

Measuring distances from two or more points on the map. For instance, the distance between your home and schools.

Intersection accident counts are available for 2002, 2003 and 2004 by using the “Transportation” layer.

The county’s Information Technology department has additional maps, including the 2005 commercial lands inventory map, a utilities map and a hurricane map, where hurricane damage information can be viewed. There also is an option to build your own map.

For more information on the county’s geographic information and interactive mapping service, visit the Martin County Web site at www.martin. fl.us.


1. Go to the Martin County “Geographic Information System” Web site: http://imspub.martin.fl.us/ims/mc_ims/general

2. When the page loads, select one of the three search options -- owner name, site address or parcel number -- at the bottom of the page. Type your information and click the “Submit” button.

3. The site will return matches for the criteria you submitted at the bottom of the page. The matches will include the parcel number as a link to display the corresponding property on the map.

4. Click on the appropriate parcel number to display the property on the map, which should appear with a bold border.

5. To determine schools the property is zoned for, go to the “School Zones” layer listed on the left side of the page.

6. The name of the school will appear over the outlined property parcel

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