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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Find GIS - Your Resource for Florida GIS Information

Welcome to Find GIS, your newest resource for Florida GIS Data, Information, News, and Events.

On the new site you will find multiple resources for GIS Data throughout the state of Florida including:

- County GIS Departments
- County Property Appraiser Offices
- City GIS Departments
- Regional Planning Councils
- Water Management Districts
- The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT)
- A wide variety of other Government Agencies

All county boundaries, city points, university points, training center points, council boundaries, and district boundaries are hyperlinked to the map images so you can select your next desired resource location via the map.

An additional resource for Digital Aerials, both current and historical, has also been incorporated into the new site.

Other helpful links include:

Education & Courses – to find out what Florida’s public universities have to offer or where you can take a GIS course to expand your “geographic” knowledge. For those teaching in the field of geography, a GIS & Mapping Education link is available for educational basics.

GIS Events - to find out when and where GIS events, conferences, and forums will be held throughout the state.

Groups & Resources – access to a number of Florida GIS User Groups, GIS Blogs, GIS Tools, and the most useful mapping sites from ESRI, Google, and Microsoft.

Also don’t forget to visit our free resources:

- Log Into The Florida GIS Data Sharing Network.

- Subscribe to The Florida GIS Data News Feed.

- Join our Florida GIS Newsletter. (First Quarter of 2008)

Advertise with Find GIS
There are a number of advertising opportunities available with Find GIS. Whether your company is using GIS for environmental assessments, land evaluation, growth management, defense and intelligence, traffic engineering, or utilities there is an advertising possibility for you.

If your company is looking to reach a wide array of GIS users throughout Florida, Find GIS is the place to showcase your products and services to a target audience. We will also be launching a “Market Where You Map” ad campaign so please have your marketing personnel use the “Contact Us” form to find out more details.

If your GIS company has any news to report within Florida, job openings, new hires, a new office location, a product or service launch, please submit the information to us as well to be considered for inclusion within our daily GIS News updates.

About Find GIS
After running one of Florida’s top GIS resource sites, The Florida GIS Data blogspot, for over four years we wanted to create a new website that was easy to navigate, search for, and find quality GIS Data anywhere within state.

We also wanted to give an opportunity to our valued users to advertise their GIS services to customers across Florida. We are now in the process of transitioning the blogspot over to this new site and look forward to watching it grow just as the GIS industry has grown over recent history.

If you need any further information about who we are, where we’ve been, or where we’re going as a company, please use the “Contact Us” form for your inquires. A representative will follow up with you and address all questions.