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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Where Did I Come From? TribalPages Genealogy Maps Have the Answer

TribalPages.com, home to over 175,000 family tree websites, today announced the Beta release of their new Genealogy Maps. These new tools take location information already present in GEDCOM or online family trees, and provide a unique graphical view of a family history to answer some fundamental questions:

Where Did We Come From? - The Ancestor Map shows all known locations from an individual's ancestors. Showing many generations at one glance, this map quickly show where a person's past lies.

Where Did This Family Live? - The Family Map displays where the Parents and Children of an individual were born, allowing the family historian to walk step-by-step through the family's past just by following the links to each family member.

Where Did They Go? - The Descendants Map provides a single view of how an ancestor's offspring spread throughout the world, and provides a fascinating view of how broad an impact a single individual can have.

"We aren't trying to be the leading research site, or provide the largest database of names to search," explained Vandana Rao of TribalPages, "What we do is help you present your family history to the world. These new Genealogy Maps are a great new way to do that. Seeing where your ancestors came from and where their families ended up is a very powerful experience."

TribalPages is one of the last online services offering completely free online family trees, with no trial periods or gimmicks. "We're happy to provide these Maps to our free family trees, " says Rao, "We feel that the more usable and powerful our platform is, the more likely our free customers will choose to pay for the additional photo storage and premium features our paid sites provide."

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