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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Florida HAZUS User Group Launches New Website

Just wanted to inform Florida GIS Users across the state of the recent launch of the Florida HAZUS User Group's new website.

The Florida HAZUS User Group (FLHUG) was formed in June, 2006 to coordinate data development, provide training opportunities, and champion the use of HAZUS within Florida. Early on, it was identified that regional chapters within Florida would also be beneficial. The Southeast Florida HAZUS User Group is the first regional chapter supporting the state group.

The Florida HAZUS User Group also has posted a Power Point Presentation about HAZUS-MH on their website as well. The presentation includes examples and information on how HAZUS-MH is integrated with GIS to assess and analyze potential losses from floods, hurricane winds and earthquakes. The software permits users to:

- Identify vulnerable areas that may require planning considerations (e.g., land use or building code requirements).

- Assess the level of readiness and preparedness to deal with a disaster before the disaster occurs.

- Estimate potential losses from specific hazard events, including pre-event, near real-time, and post-event report capability.

- Decide on how to allocate resources for the most effective and efficient response and recovery.

- Prioritize the mitigation measures that need to be implemented to reduce future losses.

Please note that the Power Point Presentation takes a couple of minutes to download. Once opened, click anywhere on-screen to advance to the next slide.

Federal, State and local government agencies and the private sector can order HAZUS-MH free-of-charge from the FEMA Publication Warehouse.

If your company has further interest in learning more about the Florida HAZUS User Group look into joining the FLHUG Google Group.

For other HAZUS User Groups across the nation see FEMA's Regional HAZUS User Groups listing.