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Thursday, December 06, 2007

New Florida Parcel Mapping Database Released by Delray Mapping & Marketing

Delray Mapping & Marketing, a startup mapping company, has just released Quick Parcel™, a mapping database of Florida parcels. This database will allow real-estate, mapping and marketing professionals to get GIS Parcel Boundaries and Parcel Centroids with addresses, as well as crucial Building Characteristic information (year built, square footage, number of stories and much more).

Quick Parcel™ is available in several standard Geographic Information System (GIS) formats. Unlike other vendors, who can source parcel data on a users behalf, Delray Mapping & Marketing has this information in a ready-to-go, consistent format. This database contains digital parcel boundaries, as well as physical street addresses. Currently, Delray Mapping & Marketing has over 7 million parcels, with addresses available in 61 of 67 Florida counties.

“What makes our data unique is that we have excellent coverage in the state of Florida that’s in a consistent, ready-to-go format,” explains Melinda Allan, VP of Sales and Marketing, Delray Mapping & Marketing. “Although most of this information is available to the public, it’s rarely in a user friendly format, and a great deal of time and effort is required to collect this data. Delray Mapping & Marketing has done this heavy lifting, and now it’s available to real-estate and marketing professionals, so they can make better decisions,” says Allan.

For more information about this service, please call (617) 901-3622 or visit www.delraymapping.com.

Press Release - Delray Mapping & Marketing