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Thursday, December 06, 2007

RiskMeter Adds Florida Wildfire Report to its Natural Hazard Report Service

CDS Business Mapping, LLC., a leader in online hazard mapping, today announced it has added a Florida Wildfire report to its RiskMeter Online (www.RiskMeter.com) natural hazard risk report service. By simply typing in an address, RiskMeter’s wildfire report will return a property’s proximity to very low, low, medium and high fire risks.

“Although the California wildfires have garnered much attention from the media, the state of Florida is facing a wildfire predicament as well,” explains Dan Munson, Founder, RiskMeter Online. “The combination of a warm climate, new housing developments being built in wildland areas and overburdened firefighters have increased insurers vulnerability to wildfire losses,” says Munson. In 2007 alone, according to the Florida Division of Forestry, there have been over 4,000 wildfires, which have burned over 300,000 acres.

“Many insurers who write business in Florida are starting to get concerned about the wildfire situation there. In response to this, we decided to add a Florida Wildfire report to the RiskMeter Online, in order to help insurers quickly assess their risk and price policies accordingly,” says Munson. For more information, please contact Dan Munson at (617) 737-4444 or dmunson@cdsys.com

Press Release - CDS Business Mapping, LLC.