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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Earth Learning Idea for Teaching the Earth Sciences

Earth Learning Idea is a new website built to assist those teaching about the Earth Sciences. Earth Learning Idea will publish one new activity idea for teaching Earth Science every week throughout the year starting in 2008.

The ideas are geared towards a classroom atmosphere and require minimal resources. The available activities will encourage students to investigate, learn, and think interactively in a group setting.

The Earth Learning Idea Blog has also be set up as a valuable resource for educators to discuss recent Earth Science ideas and to give feedback on related articles / topics posted.

Earth Science, Geography, or any other interested teachers are encouraged to register with Earth Learning Idea in order to be notified of upcoming learning ideas or subscribe to their RSS News Feed.

Teachers with expertise in: geological time, evolution of life, earth materials, earth energy, earth as a system, natural hazards on earth, earth resources, earth environment, or investigating the earth can become Earth Learning Idea supporters by sharing their knowledge in any of the above areas of interest.

To submit your contact information to become a supporter, please send an email to Earth Learning Idea at info@earthlearningidea.com to notify them of your areas of expertise.