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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Mapcom Announces the Newest M4 Solution for Telecommunications Providers

New M4 software designed to provide greater efficiency and improved workflow to meet the needs of today’s telecommunications industry.

Mapcom Systems, developers of the M4 Solutions Software Suite, announces the availability of the latest release in its line of geographical operations management software. The launch of M4 Solutions Version 7.5 includes enhanced fiber management tools, comprehensive network equipment tracking, and improved dispatch management capabilities.

M4’s enhanced fiber tools facilitate the design, implementation and management of passive and active fiber-based networks. In Version 7.5, splice reports have been expanded into color-coded splice diagrams which graphically depict buffer tubes and fibers by color for easy-to-read splicing analysis and restoration. New signal path tracking tools for fiber-to-the-home networks and new functionality for tracing mid-span splices are also included.

In Version 7.5, Mapcom introduces its new Network Equipment Manager (NEM). Combining the power of its former Central Office module with new Rackbuilder technology, the NEM enables users to design, map, and manage their entire inside plant operation. Typically used in conjunction with the M4 Data Integration Engine linking the NEM to existing network monitoring and element management applications, the NEM features new “report affected” tools which graphically display which customers are affected by outages to specific pieces of inside plant equipment.

“This ability to know immediately who is affected by outages and have instant, geographically-based access to fiber cut locations and splicing priorities will significantly reduce outage times and require fewer escalations to higher-level technicians,” adds Chuck Flournoy, Mapcom’s Chief Operating Officer.

Enhanced technician scheduling functions within the M4 Dispatch Manager now enable dispatch personnel to see a full day view of each technician and their appointments. This facilitates the process of maximizing load and balance among available resources in order to enhance customer satisfaction and operate more efficiently. In conjunction with a previously-announced value-added reseller relationship with Fleet Management Solutions (FMS), which integrates an Iridium-based satellite GPS tracking and communications system into M4, the M4 Dispatch Manager is one of the most robust dispatch systems available to telecommunications providers today.

“As telecommunications offerings and networks become more complicated, it is vital to provide solutions that enable companies to take the information they already have and make it more useful and more powerful,” concluded Flournoy. “The release of M4 Version7.5 gives telecommunications providers the ability to maximize their existing software investments while dramatically increasing their utilization of the information warehoused throughout the telecom organization.”

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