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Thursday, January 17, 2008

MapDotNet's Virtual City of Miami Mashup

ISC's MapDotNet has recently posted a Virtual City of Miami Mashup onto to their demo mashup site.

"The citizens of Miami can now search for zoning violations in their area, by number, violation or address, and see the information visually on a map of Miami."

ISC also has just released MapDotNet Server 6.5 which you can learn more about on their GIS Software / Products Page.

"With the release of MapDotNet Server 6.5, .NET developers can now develop web mapping applications using their preferred spatial RDBMS including SQL Server 2008, Oracle 11g, PostGIS and ArcSDE ™. The two new database connectors for SQL Server 2008 and Oracle 11g are just a couple of the many new features in MapDotNet Server 6.5."