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Monday, January 07, 2008

Tinbu Launches Interactive U.S. Gas Pricing Module

Tinbu, one of the world's leading provider of multilingual interactive data for web and wireless use, is pleased to announce they have launched an interactive fuel pricing module using their patent-pending technology. The fuel pricing module will allow visitors to media web sites to get real time updated gas pricing information from over 130,000 gas stations across the U.S. Tinbu will be making the fuel pricing module available to online media partners in both English and Spanish by the end of January, 2008. To preview the fuel pricing module visit this link.

Tinbu's patent pending technology allows for seamless integration of interactive data modules into web sites. The interactive components of Tinbu's technology have proven to drive substantial amounts of page views, user satisfaction, and revenue generation for web site operators.

"Tinbu's patent pending technology has allowed us to develop interactive products that are being used many leading online media groups around the world," said John Brier, Tinbu's CEO. "Our interactive fuel pricing module is an online resource that will be beneficial to millions of consumers on a daily basis. In today's world the price of fuel is very important to most people, and the ability to track local fuel prices on a station by station basis, plan fuel stops on road trips, and compare fuel prices on a station by station basis is good for consumers. We are confident our multilingual fuel pricing module will be widely embraced by online media groups and individual consumers alike."

The interactive fuel pricing module will allow consumers to search by state, city, or zip code to find the lowest priced fuel in their area. It will also allow people to plan longer trips, even cross-country trips, and arrange to purchase fuel at the lowest priced highway exit fuel stations along the way. Historical pricing trends on fuel will also be available, as will quick look updates on the highest and lowest prices on a city by city basis, as well as average fuel pricing information on a local, regional, and national level. National averages and pricing information will be integrated into a U.S. map allowing for rapid state by state pricing comparison. This new interactive gas pricing module will also allow consumers to customize pricing alerts, get fuel saving tips, and notify friends and family of the highest and lowest fuel prices in their area automatically. Consumers will also be able to utilize a built in mapping feature that will give them directions to stations in their locality that offer the best prices.

"We are excited to be introducing this new demand content module to the online marketplace at a time when there is a tremendous demand for gas pricing information by the public. We feel this new interactive gas pricing module will be a perfect compliment to our existing interactive modules in the areas of lottery results, weather conditions, horoscopes, swimsuit models, as well as the interactive modules that we will be introducing later this year. These additional interactive modules will be in the areas of of national mortgage rate information, flight tracking, global soccer coverage, recipe's, and entertainment," added Brier. To find out more about Tinbu's new interactive gas pricing module, or any of their products, contact them at Info@Tinbu.com.

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