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Friday, February 15, 2008

Fizber.com Introduces New Real Estate Mapplet for Google Maps

Real estate website Fizber.com launched the mapplet that lets you search for real estate listings on maps.google.com

Fizber.com officially released a new feature that enables users to layer a map containing real estate listings information directly on Google Maps with a single click and to save these customized maps to their personal library.

Mapplets are mini-applications that run within Google Maps. Users can create Mapplets that add new features or overlay their data on Google Maps. House-hunters looking for a new home can not only search real estate listings, but they can also layer their findings over transit maps and crime statistics to further refine their search.

Joe D., a house-hunter, shares his experience of using the Fizber's mapplet, "You are able to overlay multiple mashups onto the one map, which means that you can combine the Fizber's new mapplet and crime rate mapplet to make sure you get your new home in a decent area!"

“Adding real estate listings data from Fizber.com to Google Maps enables people to find the properties at any location. No one else can make house-hunting so personal and relevant,” said Julia Foster, PR manager of Fizber.com.

To download a layer, click here.

Press Release - Fizber.com