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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Orange County's Revised FEMA Flood Map Expected to Go Into Effect in Early 2009

A final, revised FEMA FIRM Map for Orange County is expected to go into effect sometime in March of 2009.

A preliminary copy of the revised flood insurance rate map was released for review in September of 2007 and a ninety day term for property owners to appeal any revisions begins at the end of March 2008.

The FEMA FIRM Maps in Osceola County and Volusia County have already been revised, Seminole County is currently in the revision process, and Brevard, Lake, and Polk Counties are to begin the revision process shortly.

Property owners can view and print FIRMettes, full-scale sections of a FEMA flood insurance rate maps, through FEMA's website. For further details, please see the FIRMette Tutorial.