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Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Real Estate Metaverse Association (REMETA) Launches the Open Property System

The Real Estate Metaverse Association (REMETA) based out of Orlando, FL was created as an outlet to educate, promote, and support real estate consumers, professionals, businesses, standards, and organizations in Real and Virtual Worlds, such as Second Life, Kaneva, There, and Whyville.

REMETA currently offers various levels of membership for virtual real estate agents, professionals, businesses, and partner organizations. Please see their Membership Service page to learn more about what benefits are included or to download a membership application.

The association also provides other valuable resources for:

- Consumers (Education, Watchdog Advisories & Reports, and Complaint Filings)

- Professionals (Education, Open MLS, and Code of Ethics)

- Businesses (Education, Partners & Sponsors, and Forms)

Also be sure to watch for upcoming REMETA Conferences & Meetings.

REMETA also created the OpenMLS and has recently launched an additional resource, the Open Property System. The system functions as a resource site to aggregate, organize, and centralize real estate property information in real and virtual worlds.

They are currently looking for qualified GIS personnel, appraisers, and educators to assist in contributing to the system. Please feel free to contact REMETA if you would like to get involved or learn more about the project.

The Real Estate Metaverse Association (REMETA)
Phone: 1 (800) 708-2164
Email: cleong@remeta.org