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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Backyard Post Mapping Application Launched for 210 Neighborhoods in the City of West Palm Beach

William Hartnett, Matthew Wensing, and Peter Sheats of The Palm Beach Post have created a new mapping application which focuses on community neighborhoods in the City of West Palm Beach.

The Backyard Post includes data for 210 neighborhoods, 53 parks, 29 schools, 1 library and over 36,000 properties.

Key features include:


Listed neighborhoods contain information on local schools, parks, and libraries. Each neighborhood is presented with a street view picture of the area as well a digital shapefile overlaid on Google Maps. The distances to all of the accommodations in the area are included with hyperlinked pages that contain contact information and specific details about each school (FCAT results and student demographics), park (hours of operation and recreational amenities), or library (hours of operation).

Each neighborhood also has it's own forum in which residents can discuss topics of local interest. Users can sign up for free to start a new discussion or post comments.


Find and research current or historical sales dating back to 1995 within your neighborhood. The property sales data is updated every weekday, five times a week. Yearly summaries provide the number of sales, lowest price sale, median price of sales, average price of sales, and highest price sale. Each property is tied into Google Maps. Direct links to the Palm Beach County Property Appraiser's cards are also provided for all historical sales.

Users who sign up can also login to create their own Backyard Post home page.

Check out The Official Backyard Post Blog for additional updates as well.

Please see the Backyard Post's "About" page for full details and feel free to contact their team members with any further questions, comments, or suggestions.