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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Departments of Transportation Drive Map2PDF® Sales

Use of the GeoPDF® format for distribution of geospatial data in easy-to-use Adobe® Reader® files is rapidly expanding in state and local governments as agencies look for ways to more quickly and effectively deliver mapping data to field workers. A driving force in that adoption has been departments of transportation, according to Brian Soliday, TerraGo® Technologies vice president of sales.

TerraGo Technologies and dozens of other companies who provide geospatial information products and services for state and local transportation departments are represented in Houston, TX this week at the 21st annual GIS in Transportation (GIS-T) conference sponsored by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials.

Soliday says that transportation departments use the GeoPDF format because it makes distributing and using complex geospatial data much easier. “Most of the people who actually have to use GIS data are not specifically trained in the use of GIS applications,” says Soliday. “Our Map2PDF software lets transportation GIS professionals convert individual map sheets into digital, georegistered PDF-based atlases or mapbooks that anyone can use the same way they would use any other PDF file. Transportation professionals from Connecticut, Florida, Iowa, Georgia, Louisiana, New York, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Carolina and even Norway are leveraging their geospatial content through the use of the GeoPDF format.”

GeoPDF files give field workers powerful map viewing and editing capabilities with or without Internet connections and when the Internet is available, users can share notes, files and other updates. TerraGo Technologies announced Map2PDF Professional for Acrobat last week giving customers the ability to combine multiple GeoPDF-based maps into mapbooks with hyperlinks and bookmarks. These new capabilities automate creation of adjacent maps that can be easily navigated with links and give GIS professionals the ability to prepackage datasets, which can be critically important in arming first responders and emergency personnel with the mapping data they need.

Soliday says that emergency preparedness is one of the most popular uses for the GeoPDF format among state and local governments. “We’ve seen many applications of the technology in emergency management and preparedness because of three important features—the ability to prepackage data, the ability to use data with or without Internet connections and the ability to collaborate on data when connections are available.” Departments of transportation can utilize the GeoPDF format for emergency management as well as other functions such as critical infrastructure management and maintenance or accident tracking and reporting.

GIS-T attendees can find out more about the use of the GeoPDF format in departments of transportation by visiting TerraGo Technologies in booth #213 at this week’s conference.

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