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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

GeoSearch Launches New Full Service Website for Recruitment Services in GIS, GPS, & Photogrammetry

GeoSearch, Inc. has just launched a new website offering "personnel recruitment services in Geospatial Sciences, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Recruitment, Global Positioning Systems (GPS), Photogrammetry, and many other related sciences."

The new GeoSearch site offers many useful features whether you're looking for a job or trying to fill an available position.

- Geospatial career candidates can create a profile to post their resume.

- Employers can create a profile to find the top national geospatial prospects available, choose from multiple job posting products, or request full service search options.

- Candidates can find jobs by Market Location (Florida) or by specified Field/Category (University, Engineering, Executive Management, Geospatial, Human Resources, Sales and Marketing, or Utilities)

The site also offers GeoSearch Products and GIS Resources.

Current products available include:

- Wage and Salary Survey

- One State “JobSearch” for New College Graduates

- Three State “JobSearch” for New College Graduates

- Five State “JobSearch” for New College Graduates

Please see the "About GeoSearch" page to learn more about their company.

Feel free to contact a company representative at (719) 575-9100 or via email at info@geosearch.com with any additional questions as to how they can assist you.